By Continuing to Fund ICE and CBP, President Biden is Defending Anti-Black, White Supremacist Violence Against Migrants

Washington, D.C. – Since taking office, the Biden administration has called for over $24 billion to fund ICE and CBP for Fiscal Year 2022 and continued to commit violent anti-Black attacks that were pillars of the Trump administration’s white nationalist agenda. Following the horrific photos that surfaced yesterday of violence against Haitian migrants at the hands of Border Patrol agents, the Biden administration has carried out at least four additional mass expulsion flights of Haitian asylum seekers, with three more scheduled for later this afternoon. This comes after the administration appealed a federal court’s ruling last week to end Title 42.

The Defund Hate Coalition issued the following statement:

“Throughout his presidential campaign, Biden made clear that he was running to ‘restore the soul of America.’ Core to this vision was a promise to protect immigrant communities and right the wrongs of the white nationalist violence carried out by the Trump administration. It was these promises that led millions to elect Biden to build a system rooted in humanity. Yet the horrific and unfathomable violence that his administration has continued to inflict against Black lives is proof that Biden is failing. 

For years, Black and brown migrants have courageously spoken out against the cruelties and physical abuse they’ve faced at the hands of ICE and CBP. The disturbing images that surfaced yesterday of Border Patrol agents on horseback, brutalizing and using whips against Black migrants near Del Rio, are a reminder that anti-Black, white supremacist violence is at the core of ICE and CBP’s mission. Such violence will continue as long as the Biden administration and Congress choose to recklessly spend billions of taxpayer dollars on enforcement and mass detention. How much more abuse will Black and brown migrants be forced to endure before President Biden takes action? Our communities need more than words. We need action. The Biden administration must immediately  reject white supremacy, defend Black lives, and defund ICE and CBP.”


The #DefundHate campaign, composed of organizations representing directly impacted communities, faith leaders, and civil rights and immigrant rights advocates, is committed to divestment from agencies that tear apart our families and terrorize our communities. For too long, our representatives have said they care about our communities while simultaneously funding aggressive immigration enforcement and deadly immigration jails. They must be held accountable to keep their promises and stand with the immigrant community. We call on our members of Congress to say no and vote against wasting taxpayer dollars on an abusive and deadly immigration enforcement system. Instead, we want our tax dollars used to strengthen our families and communities by investing in education, housing, nutrition, and health care programs that provide opportunity and increase well-being.